Catalog of the Music of Jim Beatty
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The Music of Jim Beatty
Celebrating 62 Years of Music 
Jim Beatty, the "bard of the clarinet", brings to life this music of a bygone era, still enjoyed today.

Jim Beatty - this is a serious musician who plays only his favorite music. He is not excessively showy. However, to the attentive listener, he is very expressive in his movements and poses. Jim is one of the Last Mohicans of jazz. The difference between Beatty and the last of Fennimore Cooper's warrior Mohicans is that the type of jazz musician he exemplifies will never grow old.

Other older, active jazz performers, such as Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rawlins, Ornette Coleman, Ron Carter and Dave Brubeck, are active to this day. Pop music reflects contemporary society, especially the young. But the classics of acoustic jazz are for people of all ages. For example, the whole world danced to Big Band swing, New Orleans Dixieland refected the joy of the dark-skinned populations of America, and this music is being performed to this day with sucess.                Viktor Bainov, Ekaterinburg, Russia 2010